This link page has been a work in progress for so long over half of the original links are no longer valid. Sadly, while some things on the internet are forever, some things (like personal sites/blogs) are temporary.

Despite this, I still think it's important to share websites that you enjoy with others. I miss the days of web-rings and link pages because it was a way to find things that Google doesn't slap on the first page when you do a search. Now, in a day when blogs and personal websites seem to be a dying breed, it can be difficult to find other websites that aren't ad-ladden or coporately created to generate income. The type of sites I tend to favor are personal little spots on the internet where people just share what they love.

This list is always a work in progress and will probably never be compelete. In a way, it's my own little link archive where I just dump random sites I find interesting or want to research a bit more without cluttering up my browswer bookmarks.

With that being said, anyone who'd like to exchange links can feel free to get in touch with me and I'll happily add your site.

Gritty Crime Fiction:
Full Dark City
All Due Respect Books
10th Rule Books
Hard Case Crime
Beat to a Pulp
Flash Fiction Offensive
Michael Pool
Pulp Mags
Pulp Magazine Archive
Tipping My Fedora
Thrill Begins

Atlas Obscura
Not Yet Published
Smithsonian Mag
Candid Slice
Rare Historical Photos
Lost Media Wiki
Historic Mysteries
Mystery Ink
The Fedora Lounge
The 1940's Experiment
A Hundred Years Ago

Mysterious Phenomena
Unexplained Mysteries
Dark Destinations
Darkness Radio
Ancient Origins
UFO Casebook
Stranger Dimensions

Pro Wrestling Sites:
WrestlingClassics Message Board
WCW Worldwide
JW's Wrestling Memorabilia
Ring the Damn Bell

TV Show/Movie Fan Sites:
The Myers House
Halloween Movies
Best Care Anywhere
M*A*S*H 4077th
Evil Dead Workshed
Book of the Dead
Highland Worldwide
Supernatural Clothes
Soul of Star Trek
My Star Trek Scrapbook
Trek Lit Reviews
The Trek Collective
Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog
My Year of Star Trek
Fan Forum
Dinosaur Dracula
Remember Videos
Windows93 - An Old School Windows Simulator
Packaging Pedia
The Surfing Pizza
Fan Forum
The Winchester Family Business
Goldeneye Dossier
Iconic Alternatives
James Bond Lifestyle

Baseball Parks:
Baseball Pilgrimages
Ballpark Reviews

Mindfulness in Plain English
New Buddhist
Buddhism for Dudes
Buddhism for Beginners
Engaged Dharma
The Zen Site Koan
Zen Koans
More Koans
Avazen Garden
The Zennist
Access to Insight
Daily Dharma Gathering
New Buddhist
Dharma Talk Books
Study Buddhism
A Spiritual Warrior
The Filtered Life of DagDia
Full Contact Enlightenment

Retro Web Design:
Cool Text
Stryker X Base
One Kilobyte in a Digital Age
Cameron's World
Comic Codes
The Comics HQ

Writing Web Sites:
Rod Serling on Writing
Absolute Write Forums
Writer Services
Clicking Keys
Devil in the Details

Personal Sites:
pikapal91746 blog
My journey into clowning
Ran Prieur

Horror Sites:
Too Much Horror Fiction
Titans Terror Toys
The Blood Shed

Information Worth Saving:
Better Explained
How a Car Works
Khan Academy
How to Fix Sore Wrists
Review Meta

Other Sites I Like:
Chief O'Brien at Work
Shadow and Substance
Gamer's Post
Comic Castle
Street X Prezza
Online Library
Building Batman
Horror Movie BBQ
The Bioneer
The Stunt Zombie

UV Sites:
UV Digital Now
Big D's Movies

The Eye

One of the thing that stands out when I think back to the early web design is the fan pages that existed. It seemed like everyone and their mother had a fan page dedicated to some TV show, most likely from the following list: Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, Roswell, or The X-Files. These pages were full of love, strange graphics, and all sorts of crazed fandom. I watched Charmed and Dawson's Creek, but the other shows I came to admire later in life after these websites were old news. So a hobby of mine is to perform some digital archeaology and dig up the bones of these old fansites and explore what the author admired about the show, was thinking, or writing. Sadly, pretty much all of these sites died between 1997-2003, but parts of them remain as a snapshot of pop culture for all to see if you know where to look.

Below is a sort of directory for old websites still online. I'll slowly be organizing them by topic and adding more as I come across them. I also plan to save some graphics and other design elements as sort of a tribute to these past fansites. They may not look like much now, but at one time, these sites were important parts of people's lives. I hope by shining some light onto some of these, I can honor the sites and the hard work that went into creating them.

A.N. Lucas's Web Lounge
Rainstorms in July
pikapal91746 blog
The Surfing Pizza
My journey into clowning
My Retro Life
My Journey Through the Movies
Rusty's Place
Hydra's Lair
The Fun Zone
Invisible Up
Floppy Jay
JW's Wrestling Memorabilia
M*A*S*H 4077th
The Mr. Ghostbuster Blog
Western Fictioneers
Rad 80s Wallpapers
Shadow and Substance

Brandon's WCW Mayhem Site
The Fight of Eternal Darkness (Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fansite)
SeaQuest DSV Fansite
Hedwig's Guide to Harry Potter
DrgnSlyr's Lair
Cbjam's Roswell Homepage
On The Line
Sunnydale Central
Ground Zero: UFOGURL'S X-Files Site
Province of Buffonia
Buffy and Angel
Welcome To Angel Fan's Buffy and Angel Home Page
Movie's For Busy People
Nick's WCW Page (A page worth visiting)
WCW the Greatest 4 Life!
WCW/nWo Revenge : The Main Event
Darter's wwf2000 page
M*A*S*H 4077
N64 Code Bank
Memphis Power Pro Wrestling
Sarge's Cleopatra 2525 Site
David Duchovny Dreamland
X-Files Virtual Season
Sword's Danielle Cormack Page & Cleopatra 2525
Angelfire Graphics Library
Welcome to the Cave
Fight Club 2
Angelfire Graphics Library
DrgnSlyr's Lair

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