What the heck is 90's Therapy?
90's Therapy is a place that is both an archive and a homage to the websites of the 90's. It's a fun little place where I can be artistic, but also works as a way to preserve some of my writings and memories online.

Why 90's Therapy?
90's Therapy is term I coined a few years back, when I realized that whenever I got depressed, I turned ot the 90's to cheer me up. I grew up in the 90's and while the world wasn't perfect, it was simpler to me. I miss those times and when bad times arise, just going back to that time period (1987-2003) really brings a smile to my face. I listen to music, watch TV shows, and write about my favorite memories from that era, and now I do some webdesign that takes me back.

Why is this site so gawdy?
I tried to find a balance between being practical, easily readable, but still retaining that late 90's feeling. Some of the web design you'll find on here is quite outdated and that is by choice.

You Don't Seem to Update It Often...
This isn't my main blog. This is sort of a side project that is just here to pass around some info, as well as to serve a purpose for me. It's one of my ways with coping with the strains of life. When life is good, I don't burrow so deeply into the 90's, but when times are more challenging you may see me updating this site more.

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